Biotech International Ltd. (BIL), was incorporated in January, 1993 and is a pioneer in INTEGRATED PEST & VECTOR MANAGEMENT in India
BIL has a wide range of Central Insecticide Board Registered Biopesticides & Botanicals, Biocontrol agent Products and Organic nutrients as "Biological Input Umbrella" for agriculture sector. These include:


Biolep (Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki), Bioderma (Trichoderma viride), Biomet       (Metarrhizium anisopliae), Biorin (Beauveria spp.), Bioline (Verticillium Lecanii), Biomonas       (Pseudomonas flourescens),Bioderma-H(Trichoderma harzianum) Biosubtilin (Basillus subtilis) Biovirus-H (Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Helicoverpa armigera)       & Biovirus-S (Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Spodoptera Litura) Bionemat (Paeceilomyces lilacinus)
BOTANICALS Neemarin (Azadirachtin E.C. Formulations)
Biogramma (Trichogramma spp.) & Bioperla (Chrysoperla carnea) Biomont (Crytolaemus montrouzieri)
PHEROMONE TRAPS & LURES Biotrap & Biolures
GROWTH PROMOTERS Biogib (Gibberellic acid)
ORGANIC NUTRIENTS Bioboost (Protein Hydrolysate Liquid)
Bioboost Granules (Protein Hydrolysate Granular)
Biophos (P.S.B), Bioazoto (Azotobactes spp.), Biospirillum (Azospirillum spp.), Biopotash (Frateuria aurentia), Biobium (Rhizobium spp.)
Global Organic Certification Agency SGS has accredited BIL Products for use in "Organic Farming".
BIL's products have been utilized in World Bank financed integrated pest Management project in Agriculture Sector.
For Health sector, BIL has Central Insecticide Board Registered Biolarvicides & Bednets for control of vector borne diseases. These include:
BIOLARVICIDES Bacticide (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis),
Sphericide (Bacillus sphaericus)
BED NETS Bilnet (Pyrethroid Impregnated Bednets)
These have been utilized in World Bank financed Enhanced Malaria Control Projects.
Bureau of Indian Standards has accredited BIL's Neemarin & Bilnet.
The products have been evaluated and registered in countries of Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and South America.The products are also being exported to some of these countries.
BIL has recently introduced compact & transportable water treatment plants for safe potable water production in India and the technology is available for Export.